Remedies for Saturn

Remedies for Saturn

Remedies to nullify Saturn’s ill effects are crucial since its impact is profound, long-lasting, and malefic in nature. It is a slow-moving celestial body and stays in one sign for as long as 2.5 years.

Its presence can be both malefic and benefic depending upon its placement in a house. It is the karaka of difficulties, death, intestinal illnesses, theft but it also governs life, wealth, property, children, and legal matters.

If favorable, it can work wonders for the native. People under the benefic influence of Saturn are usually scholarly with great articulation and communication. It can make rags to riches and vice-a-versa.
A malefic Saturn in a horoscope can be detrimental to one’s happiness. Such a person may struggle a lot in life. Chances of success are delayed if not denied. Native may suffer from hair fall frequently. Moreover, loss of wealth is also possible. Such people have low vitality and strength. They look older than they actually are. Their house also looks aged and is spoilt by pests. Some of them also suffer from stomach problems, sudden illnesses, and weight loss. They tend to indulge in conflicts with subordinates and servants. Moreover, their attitude in life tends to be pessimistic at times.

Activities Remedies for Saturn

Lord Vishnu emits the divine significance of being propitious. Such powerful is his might and divine aura that the very blessing of the divinity can transcend one’s life to countless positive ways. Vishnu Puja is considered very important, as the lo

Benefits Remedies for Saturn

One of the greatest benefits of Lord Vishnu is that it blesses devotees with abundant peace and harmonious settlement in one’s life. One achieves a ceaseless growth in one’s fortunes. Prosperity never leaves in your life if you do Lord Vishn