Jyotishraj Suvrajit Singha

Bengali, English, Hindi 15 years Fengshui, Karmkand (Vedic Rituals), KP Astology, Numerology, Palmistry, Prashna Kundali, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu, Vedic Astrology Call Rate : 24.00/minute Chat Rate : 24.00/minute

About Jyotishraj Suvrajit Singha

Jyotishraj Suvrajit is a certified Astrologer, Occultists , Healer & Yog- Tantra Practicner with an experience of above 13 years. He is an Astrologer of Astro Yogi , Astro Talk , World Astrologers Society & Aghor Sadhak Samaj , Aadi Tantra Foundation, Astro Chakra , Anytime Astro , DivineTalk , AstroSage & Astrojan . His calculations are fairly accurate and benefited many corporators & tollywood celebrities till now. He has a profound knowledge of these Fortune Telling Methods - Vedic , Western , Kp Astrology, Tarot and Oracle Card Reading , Dowsing ,Scrying , I-ching , Palmistry Bibliomancy and more than 10 types of Fortune Telling and Divination Methods . He has an ability to heal his clients with Reiki Healing , Pranic Healing and Angel Communication. He is specialized in Relationship & breakup problems, Career & Finance Problems solution, Black Magic removal , he can predict without birth details of any clients . Every prediction of him you will come any of the following remedies to solve your problem : Powerful Gurumukhi Siddha Mantras, Law of Attraction & Affirmation & Manifestation, Zibu Love Spells, Love Crystal Healing, Angelic Emotional Healing, Angelic Love Connection. All his users are very satisfied with all his remedies.

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